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Commish- DORES22
Assistant Commish- CRUSHMANIARB6
Staff- WATupPlaya
Staff- RaPpErJSEE
Staff- cdctdeer

Difficulty- All-Madden
Quarter Length- 6 Minutes
Accel Clock- Off
Fatigue/Inj- On
Trading- On, No cpu trades

ADVANCE DAYS- Monday, Thursday & Saturday @ 8-12AM est


Strike System
-Benching Players

Communication & Scheduling Games
-It is your responsibility to schedule your games and get them done on time.
-If you have tried to contact ur opp. multiple times w/ no response, and its the day of advance. I will put them on autopilot so u may play CPU.

Quitting & Connection Issues
-No quitting. Take a loss like a man. I understand disconnections happen. Please report all D/C to Commissioner.
-If a game has accidently or purposefully been d/c for any reason BEFORE the 2nd half, the game must be restarted with the same score and time u left off with before. (only exception is if the winning team wants a fresh start)
-If I find out you have quit because you are simply fed up with the game, it will result in benching of players. No voluntary quitting what so ever.

Free Agent Signings
-You may only sign ONE FA a week, and drop ONE PLAYER a week. This will keep rosters realistic.

-ALL TRADES MUST BE APPROVED BY COMMISH & STAFF W/ 3 OR MORE VOTES (wait for approval by posting on Website)
-You get 4 trades throughout off-season & reg. season
-Trade Deadline is Week 10
-The most players you are permitted to trade for one trade is 3 for 3. No more at a time.
-NO SIGN & RELEASE TRADES, if i discover you have been doing this, YOU WILL BE BOOTED.

-Opponents must show respect to others at all times. Any continued blatent fighting and you will be booted. This is just a game, we're all here to have fun.
-Don't run up the score on your opponent. Run the ball if you have a big lead
-When you can knee then do it
-Absolutely NO STAT PADDING. You will have serious consequences of this. It's to keep guys playing fair and to keep players from getting massive amounts of XP.

Player Substitutions
WR->WR/RB (only if hes included in the certain package. Not you manually putting him there)

Sim Style
-I know we all want to play the game like real life. That is the goal of this league, but at the same time we gotta keep in mind it's a game. The AI don't always play or react like a real professional player would. So we put in rules to reflect that.
-No Nano blitzes, glitches, or rocket catches of any kind. This will result in a boot. No questions asked

Play Calling
-MUST Mix up formations & play calling (EVEN ON DEFENSE TOO)
-No automatically running around with QB to gain free yards every play. That is not what they do in real life.



4th Down & 2pt. Conversions
-No going for 2pt. Conversions unless down in 4th Quarter
-You CAN go for it on 4th down if you're past the 50 yrd. line on your opponent's side with 2 yrds or less to go
-You CAN go for it on 4th down anytime and anywhere on the field if you have inches to go
-You CAN go for it on 4th down at ANY point if you're down by 21 or more or down in the 4th Quarter
-You CAN go for it at ANY point if its overtime

-Any player set in motion must come to a stop before you can snap the ball. This is so the defender doesnt get stuck
-Don't motion every passing play you call
-No moving people back to block for punt returner

No Huddle
-You can no huddle in the 4th when you are down
-You can no huddle within two minutes of each half

Onside Kicks
-No onside kicks unless down by 21 points or down in 4th Quarter
-Any onside kicks when up, and you are automatically booted



Player Control
-You may manually user control one player, but not move him then switch to another player (ex. jamming the line purposefully, to exploit A.I.)
-No user controlling the WR until it has left the qb's hand. To prevent cheap route running back and forth to get open.

Line Play
-No pulling/sliding any player off the line until the ball is hiked
-Must blitz at least 2 players at all times

If anyone has any problems with how their opponent played then please let the commish know. No name calling or anything hostile. Video evidence and/or Pics will help.

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