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Week 1 Game of the Week!!

Who wins GOW?

Week 1 Game of the Week!! Vote_lcap183%Week 1 Game of the Week!! Vote_rcap 83% [ 5 ]
Week 1 Game of the Week!! Vote_lcap117%Week 1 Game of the Week!! Vote_rcap 17% [ 1 ]
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1Week 1 Game of the Week!! Empty Week 1 Game of the Week!! on Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:39 pm


This weeks game of the week honors goes to a matchup beween the Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints. The Redskins are lead by the exciting rookie QB Rober Griffin III. The redskins offense is one of the new up and coming explosive offenses. The Redskins face off against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are lead by their record breaking QB Drew Brees. The Saints defense is looking to welcome RG3 to the NFL with a big loss for the star rookie. This is going to be an exciting matchup with a lot of points put up on the score board.

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